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We specialize in Pinehurst tax preparation and also offer a full range of accounting services for closely held businesses, individuals, Military and Not-for-Profit organizations.  

Richard B. Harris CPA is a full-service accounting and tax preparation firm licensed in North Carolina.  
NC Lic#46268 

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Tax Planning And Business Returns

Partnership Returns

Military And DOD Returns

Our Services

We Provide Pinehurst Tax Preparation And Also A Full Range Of Professional CPA Services

Small Business Services

– Tax Preparation Services
– Corporation (C – S) Corporations
– Partnerships (Including Multi- Member LLC’s)
– Sole Proprietorships

Individual Tax Services

– Individual Federal, State and Local Tax Preparation
– DOD Tax Returns 
– Tax Planning Strategies

Military Tax Returns

– Multi-State Returns
– overseas deployments
– Diverse income sources
– Special Ops personnel our speciality!


Richard B. Harris C.P.A. NC Lic. #46268

Pinehurst Tax PreparationI want to be your partner in success.

My extensive accounting experience over the last 30+ years has enabled me to acquire expertise in the field of personal and business taxes, accounting, business consulting, sales tax audits and business planning and the complexities of military tax returns. 

Having held many positions in the accounting field since earning my CPA license in 1983 gives me a unique perspective and the ability to prepare even the most difficult tax returns and to find solutions the most complicated tax situations. 

Whether you’re seeking a CPA near you for your company, organizing your personal finances, or for the family business, you should expect much more from an accounting firm than just basic bookkeeping and tax preparation.

I will take the time to understand you and your company, learn more about your goals, and stay up to date on the most important tax strategies to achieve the best results for you. We believe in an in-depth, collaborative approach to financial services.

Let me help you make smart, educated decisions and provide you the personal service you need and deserve. 

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Why Choose Us

We Are Ready To Work With You To Find Solutions.

With Richard B Harris CPA, you get an experienced, credentialed, licensed professional who will take the time to fully understand you or your company, get to know your goals, and stay up to date on the most important tax strategies to get you the best results possible. We take an in-depth, collaborative approach to financial services.

From starting a business, handling audits and tax issues, advising on payroll, filing quarterly taxes, and performing tax planning for the future, we work closely with business owners and individuals to help you reduce risk, limit exposure and increase your success. 

Military Returns Are Our Speciality 

Military personnel face unique challenges when it comes to tax preparation. Frequent relocations, overseas deployments, and diverse income sources can complicate the filing process. Special Operations personnel, given their unique assignments and often-confidential nature of their operations, have an added layer of complexity.

Understanding the intricacies of deductions, entitlements, and potential tax benefits requires specialized knowledge. That’s where the expertise of Richard B Harris CPA comes into play.

Let us help you or your business make smart, educated decisions and provide you with the personal service you need and deserve. Call now to learn more.

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